Special Services

Cambridge School offers a full range of services to support children who experience speech and language challenges, have social challenges, or require occupational therapy.

  • Speech & Language

    The Cambridge School Speech and Language Department is designed to develop an individual treatment program for each student tailored in response to their unique challenges.

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  • Executive Function

    The Cambridge School understands the significance of Executive Function and how crucial these skills are to your student’s success both in school and in life.

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  • SmartPalate System

    The CompleteSpeech SmartPalate was introduced in response to a growing need to offer greater support to students who are challenged by persistent articulation problems.

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  • Social Cognitive Strategies™

    Students with social difficulties often lack this innate ability to think through and succeed in everyday social situations. For them, social thinking must be learned and practiced.

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  • Occupational Therapy

    The Occupational Therapy Department at Cambridge School is able to provide a full range of occupational therapy, diagnostic and intervention services.

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